Thursday, 18 June 2009

SourceSafe : Get a release based on a label

To check out the labelled release from VSS using the GUI
  • Open VSS repository \\lonnasc0601\Database VSS
  • In the tree navigate and select the node $/schema/ODL_DBSERVICES
  • Right click and select Working Folder - select a local foler to check out to and press
  • Back on the selected tree node right click again and select Show History
  • In the Project History Options dialog click 'Include Labels' and press
  • In the history table select the line where the Action is Labeled 'ZPFL_20090618_ORACLE-172' and press
  • In the Get Dialog click 'Recursive' and then 'Build Tree' and press
  • If prompted to create a folder press
To check out the labelled release from VSS using the command line
  • Setup env
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
set SSDIR=\\lonnasc0601\Database VSS
mkdir "C:\VSS\Database VSS7"
  • Run get command for a label
REM ss.exe get -V
To label projects (directories) in GUI
  • Select required project, right click and select Label
  • Enter  required label (eg. ZPFL_20090618_ORACLE-132)
  • Label will be applied to project and recursively to all sub-projects and file
To label a file in GUI
  • Select required file, select label icon on toolbar (=clock and postit note)
  • Enter label text (eg. ZPFL_20090618_ORACLE-132)
  • NOTE that a new file version if created for each label entered on a distinct file

To view labels in GUI
  • Select project or file, right click and choose SHow History
  • Check the 'Include Lables' check box
  • Labels are included in the Action column