Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sharepoint : Embed excel in the wiki

To add an excel spreadsheet for viewing in sharepoint

  • Save spreadsheet to Sharepoint by selection sharepoint3/wiki/Wiki Pages/Oracle-docs/<spreadheet_name>.xlsx
  • Choose "Site Actions" (blue lozenge top right hand side) and Edit Page
  • Select Yellow "Add a Web Part" bar
  • Tick All Web Parts->Business Data->Excel Web Access
  • Select edit->Modify Shared Web Part
  • Select Workbook field using <...> button (/wiki/Wiki Pages/Oracle-docs/<spreadheet_name>.xlsx)
  • Amend display properties as required
  • Nb. Autogenerate Title will override entered title
  • Press <OK>
  • Press Exit Edit Mode
To update an excel spreadsheet stored/ussed in sharepoint
  • Navigate to required spreadsheet in sharepoint and select Open->In Excel
  • Select Open->In Excel
  • Edit spreadsheet as required
  • Overwrite using "Save As" to the original sharepoint location in (e.g. sharepoint3/wiki/Wiki Pages/Oracle-docs/<spreadheet_name>.xlsx)
  • On the wiki page choose Update->Reload Workbook to check changes