Thursday, 10 September 2009

BOXI : Restore to point in time with oracle

  • Shut down services on lonmisapp01
  • Restore database to point in time before deletion
  • Identify required sequence number from alert log
    139776 (8:04 am)
  • Disable dataguard
    dgmgrl<br />DGMGRL> connect sys<br />DGMGRL> show configuration<br />DGMGRL> disable configuration<br />
  • Run rman nocatalog
    connect target<br />shutdown immediate<br />startup mount<br /><br />run {<br />	set until sequence 139776;<br />	restore database;<br />	recover database;<br />	}<br /><br />alter database open;<br />
  • Restore file store to point in time before deletion - safe to use last full backup
    cd /u04/oradata/backup/MISDB1/BO-filestore<br />tar xvfz lonmisapp01_BO_FILESTORE_20090910012217_20426.tgz<br /><br />mv /u04/boxi/lonmisapp01/FileStore /u04/boxi/lonmisapp01/FileStore_Old<br />mv ./u04/boxi/lonmisapp01/FileStore /u04/boxi/lonmisapp01/FileStore<br /><br />chown -R root: /u04/boxi/lonmisapp01/FileStore<br />
  • Restart services on lonmisapp01 and test