Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Rdesktop under linux into a Cisco VPN

  • Using Centos 5.2 - need to add additional repos to find a copy of kvpnc (?)
  • Correct version of packages (vpnc-0.3.3-1.2.el5.rf, kvpnc-0.8.8-1.el5.rf)
  • Need kde
  • Watch out for later version of vpnc (0.5+) being incompatible with syntax used by kvpnc - downgraded to get them to match 
  • Run kpvnc and import .pcf file to set up a new connection definition
  • Had some problems with Perfect Foward Secrecy being passed as a parameter to vpnc and vpnc not understanding - can be turned off via Profile->General->Advanced->PFS
  • Edit /etc/vpnc.conf to be something like
### This is the gateway configuration
IPSec gateway
IPSec secret

### Put your username here
Xauth username
Xauth password

  • Install rdesktop
  • Use a command like "rdesktop  -u \\ -p -f -a 16 -k en-uk MACHINE
  • -f is fullscreen mode - use Ctrl-Alt-Enter to get out
  • On vmware this would be Ctrl-Alt-(Space-then-Enter) holding down Ctrl-Alt the whole time

Putty - selection cursor shows up black on black - change the mouse pointer on the remote machine to something more usable (Control panel -> Mouse->Pointers Tab->Text Selection)