Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Using Xming (against solaris)

Needed a portable x-server to run oracle installers etc on a solaris box without vnc installed

So dragged down xming from

Installed into a temp directory - the app is portable
Included the local version of plink when prompted,  declined integration with the desktop (portable!)
Needed the optional font package - installed on top of the xming install but stripped it down to the TTF font directory to save space

Create a session by using the xlaunch.exe program - which is a wizard to create a .xlaunch file to store parameters to feed to xming.exe
  • Chose
  • one window,
  • display 0,
  • start a program,
  • program = /usr/bin/gnome-session - note the path ! - other options /usr/openwin/bin/xterm, /usr/openwin/bin/twm (solaris default windows manager)
  • using putty
  • connect to <servername>
  • login as <username>
  • password <password and to hell with security though the password does seem to blank out when the wizard is re-run>
  • Clipboard
  • TURN OFF THE ACCESS CONTROL if NOT relying on plink
  • No other params
  • Save everything to a .xlaunch file
To run without the wizard - xlaunch.exe -run config.xlaunch
To re-edit - xlaunch.exe -run config.xlaunch

Even the clipboard worked